Basque barra de Pintxos

All about Basque

Formed by many valleys with shirt rivers that flow from the mountains to the bay of biscay. The coast is rough, with high cliffs and small inlets. Bilbao (or Bilbo in Basque) is the capital of province of Biscay and is the tenth largest city in Spain. Together with san Sebastian (or Donostia in Basque) they are the home of the Pintxos and our inspiration

What’s a Pintxos

Pintxos is a small, pure and delicious snack from Basque country, Spain. They are usually eaten in bars or taverns while hanging out with friends or relatives. Fun fact: In the Basque country they are regarded as the cornerstone of local culture and society! Pintxos are related to tapas, the main difference being that pintxos are usually ‘spiked’ with a skewer or toothpick, often to a piece of bread.

Basque barra de Pintxos – stands for pure, high quality products. We only use artisinal products in our pintxos. made with love and lots of passion