Pakhuismeesteren, our Rotterdam venue.

We welcome you in our big industrial urban jungle. Our Rotterdam venue is very straightforward: you get what you see, and good things are coming to you.

Pakhuismeesteren, which was abandoned for the last 40 years, now is the vibrant epicenter of the “kop van zuid”, bringing together food, drinks, entertainment, and art. We curated a fine selection of local cuisines with flavors from all over the world. We are the perfect start to the rest of your evening, whether you are going out, or staying ‘till late.

We got a favorite flavor for anybody, so we’re sure you’ll find yours at one of our 13 stands.

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At the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam, we offer a wide range of possibilities for events in one of our indoor and outdoor spaces. From a full-blown office Christmas party to a product launch, to a baby shower. Nothing is too crazy (or intimate).

For our experienced events team, personal attention is our top priority. We are happy to help you with every detail of the event. Let’s get in touch to see what we can do for you!

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