3 monumental venues, 3 unique experiences.

Our three vibrant venues are tailor made to reflect the cities they’re in, creating unique experiences, bringing food, drinks, and friends together.

No Foodhallen like the other. In 2014 we started in Amsterdam - our oldest sibling - in an old tram depot: big and bright. Four years later we found an industrial warehouse, near the shores of the Maas in Rotterdam - the middle child. Soon after we opened doors in the center of The Hague, a hidden gem - our youngest one. Even though the Foodhallen DNA runs through all their veins, they all have their unique traits creating distinctive experiences everywhere you go.

Join our team, there’s a suitable position for each and every one of you.

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We are proud to have hosted, co-hosted, and collaborated to some of the most amazing projects and events. We collected some of our favorites below.

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Food and drinks are the tools we use to bring worlds together. To host parties, big and small. To create beers with local brewers in all our major cities. To create passionate projects with some of the best in the business. To invite you - and your world - into ours.

We are so proud to have collaborated with brands such as Heineken, Bobby’s, Brouwerij Noordt, Two Chefs Brewing, Brouwerij de Eeuwige Jeugd, Kompaan and many more to realize some of our wildest dreams.

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